5 Ways To Deal With Self-Image

Hi Lovelies,

Today I will be discussing self-image and the struggles that people face on a daily basis. I believe that most people look at themselves in the mirror and see something that they are not fond of, which makes them feel bad towards themselves. This is mainly due to the fact that nowadays, with social media and even photoshop people keep seeing the “perfect” image.

I will be listing a few ways on how to boost your self image

1.Internal Dialogue

By time and with practice you will manage to reduce the negative thoughts in your mind by using positive thoughts. For example for every negative thought, think about a positive thought and say it to yourself.

2.Social Media

Going back to my point regarding social media, sometimes I see how my clients follow people they do not actually like, but they would follow them because they see them as “perfect”. I would encourage you to follow people who are more real, so they can have gorgeous photos but they also show the reality of a human body or their life.

3.Realistic Expectations

Before setting any goals for yourself, think about how reasonable these goals are in your every day life, since setting realistic goals will help you feel better knowing that you can do them on a daily basis.

4.Keep Healthy

Eating well and exercising is one way to keep healthy and also boost your self-esteem but this can come in any form, it can be attending therapy and working further on yourself, it could be doing a hobby, volunteering, meditation and so on. Keeping healthy means taking care of both your physical and mental health.

5.Be Imperfect

Learn to love your imperfections. Nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be perfect. If you wish to work on certain imperfections, then by all means if that will help your self-esteem there is no harm to work on them, but also learn to love other imperfections.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, it is not easy dealing with self-image and it is probably something that people would need to work on for a while, but it is a great feeling when you become comfortable with yourself and your imperfections. Lastly, be your own influencer!


D x



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