Black Lives Matter!

Hi Lovelies,

Due to the current situation, I will be focusing on the whole aspect of black lives matter. I am a white person so I will never truly understand what coloured people feel, however I can empathise with them and I can do my part to help encourage a change.

Being a counsellor and simply a decent human being, I can notice many injustices in this world and it’s my duty to stick up for people who need to be treated equally. It is quite upsetting seeing so many people suffer simply due to their skin colour. Unfortunately racism has been here way too long and you would have expected better by the year 2020, but things are still exactly the same.

From where I am from, we have many immigrants coming in on a weekly basis, my people are the kind who attend mass weekly but post nasty comments online. Laughing if a ship sunk on its way here, telling them to go back to their country and so on. It is sickening to say the least.

As much as there are good people, there are also these horrible people in my country who do not try to understand where these people are coming from and why they escaped. The government usually always brings them in, and provides them with housing and benefits but it still is not enough.

I have counselled a few people who fled from Syria and they are the most amazing, sweet and kind people that I have ever met. Their story truly touched me and seeing them struggle with PTSD was beyond upsetting.

Unfortunately people see the colour black and somehow determine that a person is bad, they do not take a moment to get to know the person. I wish the world can be a better place, it makes me feel sick that people are being judged because of the colour of their skin. I truly hope for a better world and I stand with all the people who are protesting for a better future for their children.



D x 

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