Animal Therapy

Hi Lovelies,

Today I will be speaking about an important and life changing topic to me. I will be discussing pet therapy, which can involve all sorts of pets.

When people think about pet therapy, many automatically think about a dog who has been trained from when he was a puppy, a dog that costs quite a bit to buy. Being a counsellor and animal lover, I noticed how an animal from a shelter can be just as helpful. Keeping in mind that this is related to mental health and not any medical conditions who might need a trained dog.

I adopted two dogs (Toby & Gigi) from a shelter a few years ago and before that I grew up with my family dog named Max. All three of my dogs helped me to grow further as a person and they all knew when I was feeling anxious.

It is pretty amazing to think how a dog can notice and feel when a person is not ok. My dogs used to help me by placing their face on  my lap or they used to lick my hand whenever they felt that I was anxious.

Animal therapy can be so helpful in so many ways, not just for people who have anxiety but even people who have autism, depression, and many more. It can help people gain more confidence, have the comfort that they need during stressful times and simply have a friend.

I strongly believe in animal therapy and luckily there are so many animals in shelters that you will also be able to provide a home to them.

Did you or do you have a pet that helped you during difficult times? I would love to know in the comments below or by email too.


D x

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