4 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

Hi Lovelies,

Today I will be writing about feeling disappointed and how I personally would deal with it. I believe that having anxiety tends to encourage a person to feel disappointed almost on a daily basis.

For example one of my anxieties revolves around the way I perceive myself and sometimes I might say or do things that would make me overthink my actions. This would then make me feel disappointed in myself, even though I know I cannot change the past. I would like to add that most of the time, I would have done or said something normal, it would just be my anxiety who makes me question everything.

These are 4 ways that I deal with disappointment:

1. Challenge Yourself

This would be me literally speaking to myself and challenging each anxious thought that comes in. It took me a while till I grasped this, and I improved greatly while I was studying for my Masters to become a counsellor. You can do this by taking the anxious thought and turning it around, especially by saying that most likely every person who was present forgot what you even said, since people around us would not listen as carefully as we think.


2. Meditation or Yoga

I mention meditation quite a lot, but its a technique that helps a person be more in control of themselves. By using meditation or yoga, you will be able to feel more in control and at peace. I usually meditate in the morning, I tend to wake up earlier just to give myself time to workout and meditate right after.

3. Journaling

I can understand that time tends to prioritise over our self-care, however finding the time for yourself is the key to being more at peace. Journaling, which could take just 10 minutes every day before bed can truly help you be more in control of your thoughts. You can see your thoughts concretely and as I mentioned in my first point, challenge each one. This is a great way to even see your improvements along the years.


4. It’s Ok

Sometimes its difficult to be in control, so remind yourself that it’s ok lose control at times. During this time, do things that make you happy, even if it’s simply watching a series in bed. I would suggest to not make this a habit, in the sense it cannot be an “it’s ok” day everyday since you do need to challenge it, but lets say one day in a month wouldn’t hurt anyone.


I hope you found this blogpost useful, what do you usually do to deal with disappointment?



D x

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