Controlling Anticipatory Anxiety

Hi Lovelies,

Today I will be discussing anticipatory anxiety, which I tend to dwell on quite a bit. For those who do not know, anticipatory anxiety is when a future event is making a person feel anxious and it usually lasts till this event passes. It is not an easy type of anxiety to deal with, so I will be listing four ways to take control over this anxiety.

Just to draw you a small picture, a few symptoms of anticipatory anxiety include:

  • Difficulty concentrating,
  • Loss of interest,
  • Tension or pain,
  • Nausea or loss of appetite,
  • Sleep problems and many more.

Below are a few ways on how I deal with anticipatory anxiety.

1.Speak About It

I have always had anxiety and one thing that I found helpful was to speak about it, especially with a therapist, but a close friend who is understanding would help too. If you can visit a therapist, I would strongly suggest this, since a therapist can guide you and help you challenge these anxious thoughts. I noticed that therapy has significantly helped me reduce my anxiety levels and helped me control anxiety better.

2. Mind And Body

It is extremely important to make sure that you are giving your body and mind what it needs. I know it would be difficult to take care of yourself during anxious times, but make sure that you get a good amount of hours of sleep, you eat healthy or choose food that help with anxiety and you exercise during these times. It is ok if you do not manage every day, but do challenge yourself, since having control over these little things can truly help with your anxiety.


3. Self Talk

The way we speak to ourselves is really important and can change everything. I know that anxiety can be quite mean, you end up believing the thoughts in your mind about yourself, however I found a small strategy that really worked for me. I made anxiety my friend, not my enemy. Even though at times it is difficult to be friends with anxiety, I found a way to find a positive in every anxious thought. For example anxiety helped me become a good listener. I would strongly encourage you to challenge these thoughts and find something positive from your anxiety. This way you will be the one in control.

4. Meditation

I write about meditation quite a lot. I love listening to a meditation videos, especially before I sleep since it really helps with keeping calm, feeling relaxed, sleeping better and waking up well.


I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I would love to know how you cope with anticipatory anxiety in the comments below!


D x

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