Behind the Scenes of Anxiety

Hi Lovelies,

Today’s post is all about the reality of anxiety and what I personally go through on a daily basis.

Anxiety is like an ugly shadow that usually a person would need to learn how to control to live a peaceful life. At the same time I learnt how to also appreciate my anxiety, since it made me be more caring, mindful and it helped me find my career path and graduate as a counsellor.

Even though I am a counsellor, I still have my own battles and anxieties. Below I will be mentioning 3 common scenarios when my anxiety starts to kick in and how I challenge them.

1.Nighttime Panics

I notice that many of my thoughts start pouring in during the night, especially when I am in bed. This makes sense, since at night we tend to be much slower so it gives our mind the time to bring up unnecessary thoughts. Usually I try to watch videos, or a series that make me feel completely relaxed. A book, or music can definitely help as well.


2.Loud Noises

This truly affects my anxiety, and it is a huge challenge especially if you live near construction (my current situation) or loud areas in the neighbourhood. What helps me during these moments, are meditating in a quiet area, controlling my breathing by using breathing exercises, doing progressive muscle relaxation and putting on acoustic music.


3.The Unknown

Anticipatory Anxiety is one of the worst feelings, particularly since it could last a few days or so till the activity that is making you feel anxious arrives. Currently I keep thinking about my wedding in two years, and how anxious I feel having people look at me. It isn’t easy to deal with this anxiety but I use similar techniques to the above, especially meditation and breathing exercises.


Anticipatory anxiety is such a huge factor in my life, that I will be devoting a post about it next week.

I hope you liked this blogpost, I would love to know if any of you suffer from a similar anxiety and what strategies do you use to calm you down?


D x

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