Ways To Cope With Anxiety Related To Coronavirus/COVID-19

Hi Lovelies,

Seeing that a number of countries are on lockdown due to this virus, I decided to suggest a few ideas to help with anxiety related to this virus. I can understand that some people are worrying about this and I hope you find some of my suggestions helpful.

1. Essential Oils

I suggest buying a diffuser and adding some lavender oil; however, just in case you do not have one, you can use lavender oil and place it on your temples, this will help provide a calmer environment. If you do not have lavender oil or you do not enjoy the smell, you could also place a wet chamomile teabag on your temples, which can help in the same way as lavender oil.


2. Avoid Caffeine

If you are feeling quite stressed out, it would be best to avoid certain drinks or food that can cause anxiety, I would suggest having a nice cup of herbal tea and a small piece of chocolate during these stressful periods.

3. Yoga or Meditation

The best thing to do during this time, is to try meditating possibly even while doing yoga, this will help you regain focus on yourself apart from building strength and keeping healthy.


4. Stay Healthy

Even though anyone can get this virus, I always suggest eating a healthy meal and drinking plenty of water so that you can feel strong and healthy, which would improve your mindset and possibly decrease anxiety.

Apart from these suggestions, I will be stating the obvious by saying to avoid contact with others and wash your hands frequently. Stay safe everyone, hope you found this useful.


D x

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