Herbs That Help Headaches!

Hi Lovelies,

As a person that suffers from headaches almost on a daily basis, it becomes tiring and unhealthy taking pills to stop your headache from turning into a migraine. Over the years I have tried various natural remedies to help my headaches, below are a few of my favourite ones that really do the job! Please keep in mind that I am no doctor, so it is best to consult your doctor to make sure that these remedies are safe for you.

    1. Feverfew


This is an ancient remedy that was used for various reasons such as aches and swelling. It has proven to help with headaches by taking a tablet every day to prevent such aches. I have tried feverfew and I did notice the difference; however, you need to make sure to take one on a regular basis because once you stop taking you can start getting headaches.

    2. Peppermint


I usually use peppermint through cream and oils. I have an oil diffuser, which I put on that diffuses the smell of peppermint (also good for colds). I also put a drop of peppermint oil on the temples of my head. The cream is kind of like a gel which is made out of peppermint and has a stronger effect than the oil. They both work wonders, by far my favourite natural remedy!

    3. Lavender Oil


I use lavender oil by adding a few drops in a bath. I found it to help me relax and it did actually reduce the pain that I was feeling. As a bonus this also helps with reducing anxiety and providing you with a calming environment.

    4. Ice pack and Rest


I know this is not a herbal remedy but it really works so I had to add it in. Sometimes when my headache would be more of a migraine, I would be feeling too unwell to stay preparing the oils so I simply get a soft ice pack and get into bed. It really helps with not feeling the pain. I usually put it around a clothe because it is not healthy placing such a cold object on your skin.

I hope you all found this to be helpful, I would love to know what you use for your headaches!


D x

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