Surviving Anxiety At The Workplace!

Hi Lovelies,

I think at some point in our life, we all experienced anxiety at work and to a certain extent, we still do. I for one, am anxious about anything, especially when it comes to new things at work.

I remember always feeling anxious about unfamiliar things, especially back in school when it came to new classes, or simply having a substitute teacher. I used to and still feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar situations. The difference is, I am now an adult, and when it comes to these situations, I understand that I am in complete control of my feelings.

I decided to list a few tips that I use when it comes to surviving anxiety at the workplace.

    1. Breathing Exercises

Focusing on relaxing is definitely one of the many things that one can do to reduce anxiety. I specifically focus on Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness. They are both beneficial; however, I would suggest researching in order to find the best breathing exercise that soothes your mind.

    2. Taking A Break

Changing your scenery from time to time is super helpful. Try eating your lunch away from your work area, or simply moving around once every so often.

    3. Say No To Coffee

I know its tempting to take coffee at work, I mean sometimes we really do need a boost but unfortunately coffee doesn’t help with anxiety. Other drinks that can give you a boost and decrease anxiety are: Ginseng, Coconut Water, Green Tea and many other kinds of tea that one may find in this blogpost.

    4. Boundaries

I cannot stress enough the importance of boundaries and I know it is easier said than done; but, it is important to not bring your work at home. Try and focus on yourself, because a home is a place that you look forward going to.

    5. Ignore Negativity

Realistically, we are always going to find negative people at a workplace. It is almost impossible to get along with everybody since we are all different human beings. I used to get really upset when it comes to working with these kinds of people; but after many years, I learnt that it really is not worth stressing about. Most likely these people aren’t even thinking about me, so why should I stay worrying about them? Learn to be mindful, because it is a life saver!

    6. Stay Healthy

Having a strong body is one way to deal with anxiety. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and sleep well. This will greatly help your body and mind deal with challenging situations.

    7. Seeking Professional Help

Personally, I would suggest visiting a therapist at anytime. This could be simply once a month or if necessary more. Keep in mind that this is a whole hour just for yourself, where you get to vent and talk about whatever you like.

    8. Be Realistic

Lastly, do not over commit on projects. It is important to practice time management, in order to not feel overwhelmed with all the workload.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” – Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh.


D x

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