Reducing Anxiety!

Hi Lovelies,

Today, I thought I should mention a few ways that one can use to help reduce anxiety. The following  are all methods which I use and found super helpful.

    1. Exercise

I always found exercise as my escape. Exercise helps lower your stress hormones and it also helps release endorphins which are chemicals that help improve your mood and act as painkillers. Many people who suffer from anxiety, including myself; usually, also suffer from sleep insomnia and so exercise helps a person sleep better which is one of the reasons I always recommend it.

I believe that exercise makes a person feel more confident which in return means that, that person will better about themselves.

      2. Spending Time With Animals

Whether you have a pet or not, I would suggest spending time with animals because they have a genuine way of making people feel better. If you do not have a pet, you can easily visit a sanctuary and volunteer. You will not only make yourself feel better but you will also be helping so many animals who are still waiting for a forever home.

      3. Listening to Music

Studies have shown that slow paced music helps reduce your low blood pressure as well as, stress hormones; however, I would suggest listening to music that makes you feel most at ease.

      4. Drinking Tea

I have found teas such as various flavours of green tea quite helpful. I usually take green tea in the morning and evening because it makes my body feel healthier and more relaxed. Green tea has a lot of polyphenol antioxidants which usually help reduce anxiety or stress by increasing serotonin levels. One thing that I would suggest is to reduce your caffeine intake, because a high intake of caffeine increases anxiety.

     5. Keeping a Journal

I have often felt that writing things down helped reduce my stress level. You can choose to write down what is bothering you or simply write down all the positive thoughts or things in your life. Both ways have been proven to be successful, it simply depends on what you wish to write about.

     6. Spending Time With Your Loved Ones

I always felt that spending time with my loved ones helped me feel better. I am forever grateful for my wonderful boyfriend who truly understands how I feel whenever I go through an anxiety attack or stressful time. He’s my rock. I only hope that you too have a “rock” to lean on during these times.

     7. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is the key to reducing anxiety. It takes a while till you fully grasp it and learn how to use it properly, but eventually you will manage. One technique that I use is called “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” which helps you relax your muscles by first tensing a particular muscle group in your body and afterwards releasing the tension and noticing how your muscles are relaxing. Mindfulness also includes yoga, meditation and many others. You can watch this clip to help you follow the steps of progressive muscle relaxation.

     8. Lighting a Candle

Using essential oils or burning a candle may help you reduce your stress levels. Usually, the scents provide a soothing atmosphere. A few scents which I would suggest are, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Orange Blossom and Ylang Ylang.

     9. Gum

This is one of the simplest ways to reduce stress. Chewing gum has been proven to reduce stress. I find it, not only reduces stress but also distracts me during an anxiety attack.

    10. Breathing

Deep breathing exercises help activate the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the relaxation response. The goal of breathing exercises is to focus on your breathing. You will have to think about every move your body is making. Breathing through your nose, your lungs expanding with air, your stomach rising and then exhaling through your mouth.

    11. Eating Right

Usually anxiety changes our eating patterns; however, it is important for us to support our body and you can do this by eating foods which are rich in vitamin B or omega-3s. Studies have linked vitamin B with a good mental health and it has been proven that omega-3s reduce anxiety and depression. It is ideal to avoid processed and sugary foods because research has proven that these foods can cause anxiety.

I hope this above tips will work on you and help you reduce anxiety and stress.


D x

9 thoughts on “Reducing Anxiety!

  1. dear anxiety slayer i really enjoyed reading your posting and I appreciated how you sharedyour own experiences and practical suggestions with us. Ialso enjoyed the inclusion of a videoclip.

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