When you should seek help!

Hi Lovelies,

Many people who are struggling with anxiety, depression and many other mental disorders do not often look “depressed” or “anxious”. Below I have compiled a few “red flags” that indicate when it is time to seek help.

   1. You constantly say that you are tired.

You tend to use the word “tired” rather than upset. 

    2.  You tend to forget more often. 

Usually untreated mental disorders cause a person to be more forgetful.

    3. Your eating patterns change.

You tend to either over-eat or else decrease your appetite.

    4. Your everyday routine tends to be empty or “stuck in a loop”.

You tend to have zero motivation when it comes to doing anything. You feel like you are doing the same thing everyday. Your routine seems to look like this..”wake up, maybe eat, maybe shower, back to bed, maybe eat again, bed, repeat, repeat, repeat…”

   5. You do not seem like you care but in actual fact you do. 

Having to deal with so many issues everyday makes you feel like you do not care even when you do. This is mainly because, you simply have no energy to deal with everything that you have to do. For example, if you feel like you are overworked at your workplace it is difficult to go home and care about your messy kitchen or having to wash a load. You obviously care but you have more important things on your mind. You would rather relax and try and get your strength back for the following day at work.

   6. You feel isolated.

When you are struggling with a mental disorder, in particular depression, it is highly important to seek professional help if you are feeling alone.

   7. When you are hard on yourself.

A person who is constantly battling with a mental disorder tends to be hard on themselves. Keep in mind that you are doing the best that you can. Tell yourself that you ARE doing the best that you can and that you will manage to get through the little hurdle that is in your way.

   8. You accept less than you deserve.

You tend to agree or accept anything that a person offers, whether it is good or bad. You tend to give a lot more than you receive.

   9. You usually do not want to talk about yourself. 

You tend to divert any questions regarding yourself back to the person who will be asking them. You tend to not want to talk about how you are feeling at the moment or what you are doing right now in your life.

  10. You tend to fall backwards in your work. 

It is quite common for a person who is suffering from a mental illness to fall backwards in work. You stress about everything that you need to do however, you feel like you have no motivation to do any of that work.

  11. You smile through the pain 

You seem happy in front of people; however, deep inside you’re hiding all of your pain.

  12. You feel anxious meeting people 

Usually you would feel like cancelling or not even having any motivation to meet people. Once you do meet people, you tend to “zone out” due to all the thoughts that will be going on inside your head. You will start feeling like a “waste of space” or “the weird one”.

The “red flags” above are a few of many other reasons why one should seek professional help. It was very hard for me to write this because I have been through each and every one of these and sometimes I still go through a few of these; however, during the time I felt this way I thought I would never manage to get through it but I did! Please do remember that you are not alone and you are a strong person who will most definitely get through this as well.



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